Proofreading – $2.00/page*

Copy / Line Editing – $2.50/page*

Developmental Editing – $5/page*

*All prices are negotiable, and for projects of or exceeding 100 pages, a 10% discount will automatically be applied.

*One page, as per standard manuscript format, is 250 words (as counted via Microsoft Word)

E-MAIL ME AT:  saramarianbooks (@) gmail.com


Sara Marian’s editorial touch is subtle and precise. She smooths the prose into a perfect flow without cutting the voice of the author. She did exactly what I needed to help me tell my story the way it needed to be heard.”
– Jay Wilburn
project edited: The Dead Song Legend Dodecology, Book 2: February from Vicksburg to Cherokee

Read more of Jay Wilburn’s feedback here: “The Miracle of a Smooth Edit”


My experience with editing comes from multiple sources. Growing up in a family of English teachers has certainly been one influence. Another was learning to edit my own work as my childhood storytelling developed into a serious ambition to write well. Critique groups, classes, and workshops, in turn, have allowed me to hone not only my writing skills, but my ability to analyze creative works of many styles and many formats–from speculative fiction to literary fiction, creative nonfiction to poetry. My education at both the Indiana Academy for Mathematics, Science, and Humanities and at the University of Louisville has challenged me to read, write, edit, and think within a variety of disciplines (not to mention style sheets).

As an editor, I believe that a strong background in reading and analyzing a variety of types of writing is important. An editor should have a basic respect for a client’s individual style, and bring that out to its best advantage. A good editor should be able to do that without imposing his or her own style onto the client’s work. My approach when critiquing and editing any piece is to find its strength, its heart and soul, and pinpoint the things which weaken that core.

Jack Wallen talks about his writing process, including my editing services, in his podcasts, The Tools of My Trade and How NOT to be a Writer.

Bringing my clients’ work to its full potential is just as important to me as making the most of my own writing. In addition to making changes and suggestions, I also explain to my clients why I make the choices I do about their work, because (as a writer myself) I know that feedback is the best tool for improvement. Also, good feedback helps build trust between the writer and the editor–and, if I’m mistaken about the intent of a certain aspect of the piece, the writer can tell me, and that will affect the changes I would suggest to make that intent clear. Trust and good communication are just as important to the process as technical knowledge and creative skills.


My name is Brian Willingham. I’m an award winning author and police officer in Flint, Michigan. I had the great pleasure of having Sara…edit my new memoir Symbols and Signs. I came to Sara frustrated with 4,000 words of rough ideas. Months later I left with a 30,000 manuscript that brought me closer to the completion of the project. I found Sara’s style easy going and comfortable and yet she wasn’t afraid to ask the important questions that helped advance the work. Aside from Sara’s working style I found her rates to be reasonable and that she was ethical in financial transactions which are important if you are working long distance with your editor. Finally I found that Sara was accessible for telephone conversations when I needed to discuss certain aspects of our work. The next time I have a good writing idea that I’m trying to get off the ground I will save myself some time and frustration and just give Sara a call.”
-Brian Willingham, author of Soul of a Black Cop
project edited: Symbols and Signs, 1st essay available at One Small Project



Soon to be released –


  • Teenage Wasteland by Jack Wallen
  • Kiss and Hell by Jack Wallen
  • Lament by Jack Wallen


Available now –

by Jay Wilburn

  • Symbols and Signs

by Brian Willingham, 1st essay available at One Small Project

Fry Zombie Fry

Fry Zombie Fry
by Jack Wallen

The Dark Seduction

The Dark Seduction
by Jack Wallen

Tick Tock Girl

Tick Tock Girl
by Jack Wallen

Frankenstein Theory

Frankenstein Theory
by Jack Wallen




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