The Life and Death (but mostly the death) of Erica Flynn

A Novel

Erica never expected to die in a car crash just minutes after a fight with her husband, Dominic. But then, a modern, down-to-earth skeptic like Erica never expected to end up in an afterlife somewhere between Greek mythology and quantum theory gone haywire. Despite the allure of the Underworld and a happy reunion with her deceased Uncle Jeff, Erica can’t rest in peace until she resolves her fight with Dominic.

Just when it looks like haunting a medium might give her a chance, Hades–ruler of the capitol city of the Underworld–forbids her to make contact with the Upper World again. Against all advice (which is how Erica usually does things), she pits herself against Hades and faces the treacherous road back to the Land of the Living, determined to make things right.

Available in print or electronic format from Amazon or Per Bastet Publications

Erica Flynn cover by Zakary Kendall


“She Who Dines on Heavenly Food”

A short story in the After the Fall series

In post-apocalyptic Chicago, a drug-addled cocktail waitress wakes up one morning to find her sociopathic automaton butler ruining breakfast in the kitchen–and that’s nothing compared to the problems she’s got by the end of the day…

Available in the Circuits and Steam Anthology in electronic format through 3 Fates Press

Circuits & Steam cover by Jordan Bell

Also available as an individual short story for $1 in electronic format through Toxic Pigeon Press



A short story

Corey, a young man struggling with self-hate and alcoholism, retreats to the Rocky Mountains to face his fears head-on, leaving behind his closest friends, a not-quite-couple fraught with their own set of issues. A snowstorm takes Corey’s isolation beyond what he bargained for, and self-reliance is no longer optional.

Available for $1 in electronic format through Toxic Pigeon Press

Solitaire: A short story by [Marian, Sara]



“Mernan’s Betrayal”

A short story in the Tales of Pasmira series

The use of magic is forbidden to everyone but the village mage, Mernan. But a stranger from the north, a man of the longren race said to be descended from dragons, is caught nearby, and the villagers demand his execution. Mernan must choose between his duty and his conscience to decide the stranger’s fate.

Available for $1 in electronic format through Toxic Pigeon Press




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“The Pintia Field School”, Vaccea Anuario 2014, University of Valladolid, Num. 8

At Art in Russia:

Aristarkh Lentulov

Painting Restoration Methods of the Hermitage

Archaeological Collections and Curation at the Hermitage

Program Review: Art and Museums in Russia

Archaeological Papers:

Kentucky Mineral Spring Resorts: An Archaeological Reconnaissance of Medical Trends and Land Use –Senior Honors Thesis, University of Louisville, Ekstrom Library – 2015

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