A Mantra For Writers

Whenever I go through anything difficult in life, I tell myself, “This will be great for my writing someday.”  Bam!  Therapy, meaning, AND enriched writing skills, all in one.  That’s what I love about being a writer.  It’s productivity and escapism in one package.  It’s a meaning in itself and a vehicle with which to explore meaning.  It’s solitude and communication at the same time.  It’s pain and comfort, catharsis and vacation from worry, conflict and resolution.

Well, I’m going through a big, difficult transition right now (hence the lack of any posts this week), and although there are painful aspects to this change, I intend to take my new life by the horns and use these experiences to deepen myself and my work.  I would advise any writer in tough times to repeat that mantra:  This will be great for my writing someday.  Almost anything can become bearable, with that in mind.

One thought on “A Mantra For Writers

  1. I’m sorry that you are having to put your mantra to such use lately. **Hugs**

    It’s funny, though, about two nights ago I was 16 hours into a 24 hour migraine and just about crazy from the pain. I found myself thinking, half delusional, “Hey, maybe in some back I can have a character come under a mental attack and it can feel like this.”

    Your mantra at work!

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