Butting Heads

So far, what I’ve picked up from my first NaNoWriMo is this:  the hardest parts of any writing session are (a) getting started in the first place and (b) starting a new scene.  Once I get rolling on a given scene, it’s easy – provided I don’t worry about researching anything and just put brackets with reminders to myself about where I need to fill in details later.  Dialogue, especially involving any kind of disagreement, comes very easily, and inner turmoil fills out my word count faster than I even realize as I’m writing it.

Whether this says something about me as a person (confrontational, are we?) or whether it’s related to the fact that there is inherent conflict in those types of passages, I’m not sure.  😉

Another short post that’s more observation than anything else, but until the end of November, it seems this is all my brain is capable of blogging about.

5 thoughts on “Butting Heads

  1. And how am I supposed to do anything on a project when I have your trenchant observations to distract me?

    I can rack up words with interactions, too. Doesn’t have to be an argument. Any time LeJune and June Rose walk into the story, the words roll up. Or Chickapoo, of course. She can rack up 1,000 words just talking about what she told Bee-Beep about something.

    Got a new character, Pepper Sault, my main character’s girlfriend. I love writing from her pov!

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