Trapped in the Moment

So I didn’t post Monday because I had the flu (or something like it).  I still have whatever it is and I’m still semi-incoherent with lack of solid sleep or food.  I don’t really have much on my mind in the way of writing, under the circumstances, although it did occur to me last night while I was between spells of being violently ill that the delirium of sickness is an interesting state of mind.  As in, I wonder if that feeling when you’re dog-sick that how you feel IN THIS MOMENT is how you will feel forever, that all existence is contained in the RIGHT NOW, is a state that some people live in all the time.  I think probably kids are the best example, along with maybe some folks with psychological disorders.  But under enough duress, I think that’s a place we all experience at times.  The duress doesn’t have to be physical illness (or mental illness, for that matter) and it might be an interesting point to remember that locked in the Now feeling when characters are suffering at my hands via the plotline.  So this isn’t so much an organized post as an observation, but I’m too sick to post anything better.