Did You Miss Me?

Long time no blog.  Well, I’m going to try to start keeping up with this thing again, on a Tuesday/Thursday-and-sometimes-the-weekend schedule for updates.  Why haven’t I been around the blogosphere for so long?  1. Laziness and 2. School.  Going back to school after ten years off takes some adjustment, but academics are my soul’s primal hunting ground, and I’m hungry for some challenging coursework in my relatively near future.

At the moment, my writing life is limited to journaling and random little snippets that pop into my head during my lunch break on campus, but I’m aware of my writer brain happily processing social interactions, potential characters, new facts and discoveries from classes, and the multi-faceted experience within myself of being a non-traditional student that no one realizes is, in fact, 28, and not 18.  Old parts of myself, both good and bad, that faded out when I was last a student, are revitalized in flashes here and there, sometimes surprising because I’d forgotten about them, and sometimes because I thought they’d been more a part of me than they have been in the past ten years.  Among other things, I’m re-realizing how much I can’t abide slow walkers (unless they’re old or on crutches; then it’s okay).

In spite of the obvious choice to major in English, since that’s my strongest area and what I hope I can dedicate my life to someday, I’m going a different route.  In an effort to expand my horizons, nurture a wide range of interests, hopefully inspire myself, and someday earn a living, I’m majoring in anthropology, with a triple minor in Russian studies, English literature, and history.

I’m not sure how the blog will be structured at this point; I’ll have to see what comes to mind as I go along this semester.  Lots of change and transition and self-discovery right now, which I hope will lead to a lot of interesting ideas and thoughts on perspective, personal journeys, and so on, that will be good fuel for writing about writing here.