Best News Ever!

Yesterday, I signed a publishing contract for The Life & Death (But Mostly the Death) of Erica Flynn!  I’m happy to say that I’ll be published through Hydra Publications.  I feel this is sufficient incentive for me to start keeping up better with updates to this blog.  🙂  Now that I’m in school full-time and doing work-study at the archaeology lab, I have far less time to write than I used to, let alone blog about writing – but it’s time to make time, I think.

And I do, actually, have some good ideas for a sequel to Erica Flynn, as well as another novel – or maybe it’s the same novel, and I just haven’t figured that out yet.  I hope it is, because it would make for quite the ride if I can work all the elements together!

All I can say in addition to this is, there’s nothing better than finally getting to say the sentence, “My book is getting published!”

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