Happy Octoberween!

Starting today, October 1st, you can read a new Halloween-themed short story by a different author each day for the whole month at Jack Wallen: Dark Twisty Fiction! My story will go up on October 24th, but there will be plenty to read before and after mine (the stories don’t have to be horror, but mine is). A bit about our host, Jack Wallen: he’s a multi-talented creative fellow, a prolific and excellent writer, and all around great person, so you should also check out his books while you’re on his site.

May be an image of text that says 'FLASH OF HALLOWEEN HA A Halloween-themed flash fiction event with new story every day in October. a'

And since you’re here now, reading my blog, I will tell you, dear readers, that although my ability to focus hasn’t been great during the pandemic sandwich, I have been writing more this year than last. I don’t know how long it will be before I finish any one project, but sometimes you can’t worry about that. Sometimes you need to write to stay sane, cheer up, or escape from reality, just like sometimes you need to read a good book for the same reasons. Sometimes you need to write to process what you’ve been through. Or to express things you didn’t know you were feeling until a character vents onto the page. Sometimes you need to write to keep your writing skills honed, your ideas fresh, and your storytelling muscles strong. Right now, I’m not writing to finish anything. I’m writing because I need to, for all of the reasons above.

…And also because Jack needs my story by October 24th. 😉